Ceylon Medal Exonumia

A web display of high resolution color images of Miscellaneous Medal Exonumia from Ceylon in the LakdivaCoin collection with edited information from various sources. Exonumia covers a wide field of coin-like objects which are not strictly Currency.

Medals have no denomination and used for presentation and non-financial reward for services.

British Colonial Period

  * Kandy Agricultural show 1887 Cu medal with plant Laurel wreath.

  * Kegalle Agricultural show : 1891 Cu medal; 1909 Ag medal; 1941 Ag medal with Sun and Moon Face.

  * Mawatagoda Agricultural Show 1918 medal with Sun and Moon Face.

  * Victoria Diamond Jubilee, Ceylon : 1897 Cu medal

  * Ceylon Temperance Society : 1904 Ag medal with Sun-rise over sea

  * Ceylon Coconut Exhibition : 1934 Ag medal with Sun-rise behind Sripada.

  * Galle Agri-Horticultural Exhibition : 1909 Ag medal with arms of Galle Fort with VOC

Post Independence Period

  * 1952 Colombo Exhibition medal with punkalasa.

  * 1982 Inaugural Test Cricket Match - Sri Lanka vs England medal with Lion.

  * 1987 UNESCO Lanka Heritage Site medals minted in 1987 and donated by USSR, to Central Cultural Fund (CCF)

Listed above are Medals mainly with astronomical Symbols in my personal Lakdiva collection, as well as any medals (linked with italics) which I have obtained images from other collectors.