Undated - Galle

Agri-Horticultural Exhibition Medal

An undated silver Agri-Horticultural Exhibition Medal held in Galle in Southern Province, Ceylon.

Diameter37.7 mm
Thickness1.? mm
Weight. gms
voc_galle_ag_obverse voc_galle_ag_reverse

Obverse :Arms of Galle Fort, with VOC shield held up by two standing Lions on either side, cockeral above, inside raised rim.
Reverse : Two arabesques within legend * GALLE * AGRI-HORTICULTURAL * EXHIBITION along periphary inside raised rim.

The Galle Agri-Horticultural Exhibition silver Medal was illustrated in the Richard Ford collection lot #313 of Taisei-Baldwin-Gillio Auction Catalogue #19. Note that there are a few scratch marks between the arabesques, in the above medal, which are not seen on the Richard Ford medal. Lot #307 to #318 listed many Exhibition medals over the Era from 1880 to 1938 from various cities in Ceylon. Colombo (lot #311) and this Galle Medal are undated.

An advertisment by D. F. De Silva & Co Jewellers of Colombo says they were awarded Gold and Silver prize medals at Galle Agri-Horticultural Exhibition 1909. However as the 1909 Kegalle medal indicates there were more than one exhibition in 1909 and as the Kandy medals indicate, the same city had exhibitions in many years. Undated, could indicate Medals for use in multiple years in the major Ceylon cities which may have had annual exhibitions.

If a series of these Agricultural show medals are properly cataloged it is probably possible to narrow the range of years of undated medals by style, size of medel which may have became smaller, and edge lettering seen on older medals.

The medal was scanned at 300 dpi and the images are displayed at 175 dpi. Images were contributed by Jennifer van der Greft of Netherlands.

The Dutch 1669 Court of Arms as still seen in the Galle Fort Heritage site shown below.