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Cultural Triangle Project


The UNESCO World Heritage List five sites within the Cultural Triangle Project (CTP) of Sri Lanka. The CTP logo shows two hands protecting a Triangle.

( N8 20 00 E80 23 00 ) #200

Abhayagiriya. The northern monastary,
Jetavana. Stupa and monastary complex.

( N7 57 00 E80 45 00 ) #202 Sigiriya. City, palace and royal gardens.

( N7 54 57 E81 00 02 ) #201 Polonnaruwa The medieval capital.

( N7 51 24 E80 38 57 ) #561 Dambulla The golden moutain temple.

( N7 17 37 E80 38 25 ) #450 Kandy The historic hill capital.

A set of six bronze medals were minted in 1987 and donated by USSR, to Central Cultural Fund (CCF) probably as a fund raiser. Issue price Rs1500/- for set or about US$50/- in 1987.

Lankans can be proud that Lanka with only 0.044% of the land area of the world and 0.31% of the population has 1.00% of the Heritage sites listed in UNESCO.

For 45 beautiful interactive spherical panoramic views of 7 Heritage sites of Lanka click and follow links in Map which include the other Heritage sites in Sri Lanka which are not within the Cultural Triangle.
( N6 25 00 E80 30 00 ) #405 Sinharaja Forest Reserve. 4 locations from Map and
( N6 01 17 E80 13 07 ) #451 Old Town of Galle and its Fortifications. 5 locations from Map

The Medals were scanned at 300 dpi and are displayed at 100 dpi in the linked pages. They were purchased in 2005 March from CCF office in Kandy.

The 2005 May-June issue of Serendib the magazine of Srilankan Airlines has a colorful article on the Magnificent Seven heritage sites in Lanka. Unfortunately the magazine is not online.

For more information on the Cultural Triangle Project read UNESCO/CCF publication with this title. It has many beautiful high quality color images and site descriptions from experts in the field. First printed in 1993, the Fifth print dated 2004 is now being sold for Rs1400/- ( Rs1950/- with 30% discount if you buy over Rs2000/- )

Medals are currently available in CCF office in Colombo. When I first went in 2005 they claimed that one of them was unavailable, since they were lazy to look for it in a cupboard mess of small unmarked white cardboard boxes in which they are sold. A small search found the missing medal.

They had displayed the six in a plain brown velvet covered presentation box which was however not for sale. They also had two single medal presentation boxes also not for sale.

Few years ago on my recomendation they made a nice velvet covered box with a glass top and sold the full set of Six Medals and box for Rs2000/-. In 2010 May the set price with box had increased to Rs3000/- and the individual medals to Rs 500/- each. They still claim they have only very few of the Sandakada pahana medal, and are now making boxed sets of five for sale.