Astronomical Symbols on Lankan Coins

Linking my profession of Astronomy with my interest in Lankan numismatics
I give below links to South Asian Coins with Astronomical Symbols.

Ancient Coins

  * Megadhan - Sun Face on `Puranas' or punch mark silver coin.

  * Lankan - Quad Lens :-) and Maneless Lion copper coin.

Medieval - 500 AD to 1500 AD

  * Pandya - Cresent Moon above seated Bull and Fish Type copper coin

  * Chola - Cresent Moon above Standing Bull type massa copper coins

  * Hoysalas - Cresent Moon above lion type Fanam gold coin

  * Lankan - Sun and Moon on Lanka type IA Kahavanu, gold coin

Colonial Period

  * Venetian - Stars on Alvise Moceenigo (1570-1577) Ducat gold coin

  * Madras - 5-point Star on (1740-1807) one Swami Pagoda gold coin

  * Travancore - 8-point Star on (1901) one Cash copper coin

  * Ceylon - Sun Face on 1860 Ceylon Coffee Mill token from Darley Butler Co.

Modern Period

  * Sri Lanka - Sun and Moon on Armorial Ensign 1972-2001 Definitive issue coins

Commemorative issues

  * Sri Lanka - Sun and Moon Face on 1991 SAF Games V - Rs 100 NCLT silver coin

  * Sri Lanka - Sun Face on 2000 CBSL - 50th Anniversary - Rs 1000 NCLT silver coin


  * Kegalle Agricultural show : 1891 Cu medal; 1909 Ag medal; 1941 Ag medal with Sun and Moon Face.

  * Mawatagoda Agricultural Show 1918 medal with Sun and Moon Face.

  * Ceylon Temperance Society : 1904 Ag medal with Sun-rise over sea

  * Ceylon Coconut Exhibition : 1934 Ag medal with Sun-rise behind Sripada.


  * 5-point Star and Cresent on small copper coin

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Above are just symbols not really Astronomy Commemorative. It would be nice to collect true Astronomy Commemoratives issued by the appropriate country. Not many have been issued.