1660 - 1720 - Dutch Ceilon

Wreath Series - Eighth Stuiver

Eighth Stuiver copper dump coin struck at Jaffna mint.

Denomination1/8 Stuiver
Diameter10.0 mm
Thickness mm
Weight Legal1.8 gms
Weight1.8 gms
wreath_Est_cu-dump_obverse wreath_Est_cu-dump_reverse
Schloten 1293; Mitchiner #2181; Krause #16

Obverse : 1/8 St within a thorny wreath revolving anticlockwise. leaves pointing right on top.
Reverse : Similer

KM16S1293a*REighthSimilar, but 1/8 St (type C)
KM16S1293bREighthwith large 8
KM16S1293cREighthlarger letters

This coin is listed as Rare in Scholten. The fractional wreath Stuivers are only of this thorny type C.

Text from
* Ceylon Coins and Currency By H. W. Codrington. Colombo 1924
  Page 132 Chapter X Dutch - Coins of the Eastern Mints. Plate 126.
* The Coins of the Dutch Overseas Territories- 1601-1948
  C. Scholten, 1953, Amsterdam: Jacques Schulman.

The coin was scanned at 600dpi and the images are displayed at 500dpi. This coin was obtained in 2000 August as replacement 30% underweight specimen purchased in 1999 December from Rajah Wickremesinhe an Author and collector in Colombo, Lanka.