1866 - FR&Co (Fowlie & Richmond & Co.)
Jampetty Mills

Denomination pence
Diameter32.5 mm
Thickness mm
Weight10.23 gms
jampetty_mills_obverse jampetty_mills_reverse
Lowsley #Unlisted Pridmore #35

Obverse : MonogramFR&Co
(Fowlie & Richmond & Co.) within beaded circle inside raised rim.
Reverse : CenteredJAMPETTY
within beaded circle inside raised rim.

The token listed in Pridmore and in Dick Ford Collection is not holed.

FOWLIE, RICHMOND & CO. In 1848 J. B. Dowdall and C. B. Cargill established a partnership business in Colombo under the name of Dowdall, Cargill & Co. In 1854 the firm was reconstructed under the name of Nicol Cargil & Co., with a T. S. Richmond as an assistant. Good business was done for some years and the firm acquired some good coffee estates, but in 1864 the firm suffered through the failure of the London house. Large sums loaned by the firm could not be repaid due to the coffee slump and the partnership of Nicol Cargil & Co. was voluntarily liquidated, the balances, assets and properties being divided between two partners T. S. Richmond and J. C. Fowlie, who started business in 1866 under the name Fowlie, Richmond & Co. In 1875, Fowlie, Richmond & Co, along with several other firms had to close down. The younger members of the firm started business on their own under the name of William Law & Co. In 1883 the Jampettey Mills belonged to this last company.

* The Coins of British Commonwealth of Nations to the end of the reign of George VI 1952 Part 2 - Asian Territories by F. Pridmore Spink & Son Ltd., 1965. Tokens

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