Merchant Tokens from Ceylon Minn USA

A roughly Chronological Sequence of> Merchant Tokens from Ceylon Minn linked to pages in this LakdivaCoins Collection website.

Good Forin Alloy Size Shape link Name
5c Trade Ni plated Brass21.2mmRound token Top Hat Cafe
5c MerchandiseAluminum 27.3mmOctagontoken H. P. Andrews
10c MerchandiseAluminum 27.3mmOctagontoken H. P. Andrews
25c MerchandiseAluminum 27.1mmOctagontoken H. P. Andrews
50c MerchandiseAluminum 26.9mmOctagontoken H. P. Andrews
5c MerchandiseAluminum 22.5mmOctagontoken Prust & Boehne
10c MerchandiseAluminum 22.5mmOctagontoken Prust & Boehne
$1.00MerchandiseAluminum 33.3mmOctagontoken Prust & Boehne
5c Trade Aluminum 22.3mmRound token Rosenberg&Lenz
5c Trade Brass 21.2mmRound tokenDutchman's
5c Trade Brass 21.2mmRound tokenDutchman's (cup)
5c Trade Brass 21.2mmRound token Gus & Squiz
$1.00Trade Brass 31.0mmRound token Gus & Squiz
2½cTradeBrass 21.0mmRoundtoken W M. Ditz & Son
50cTradeBrass 29.0mmOctagontoken K.&D.
35cTradeAluminum 23.6mmRound tokenCeylon Post 529
55cTradeBlue Plastic 28.6mmRound tokenCeylon Legion Post#529
OneDrinkWood 38.4mmRound token Buke's Place

Above is a list Tokens from Ceylon MN USA based on a list sent to me by Luke Johnson, a major collector who is planing to publish a book on Minnesota Tokens.

According to Dick Grinolds, another major Minnesota collector, Tokens from Ceylon MN are not easy to find. In general most tokens did not survive, since they were destroyed when a store changed ownership and the new owner didn't want the old tokens return to be redeemed. Some from Ceylon MN, are rare with only few known to exist.

To complete this online catalog I would greatly appreciate receiving from museums, collectors or dealers 300 dpi or higher scans or digital photographs of VF of better tokens not linked above or listed with comment Photocopy.

Computer scans of the actual coins themselves outside any holder are preferred since that retains both the scale and perspective which is lost in Digital photographs. Scans from books and Auction catalogs are not as useful since they are printed at 150 dpi or less and most often in B&W.
Source will be acknowledged based on contributors preference.

Please E_mail any comments to me. Thanks.