1902 - 1910 - Ceylon

Edward VII

The second child and eldest son (born 1841 November 9th) of Queen Victoria on her death on 1901 January 22nd succeeded to the throne as Edward VII and was crowned on 1902 August 9th King of the United Kingdom, British dominions and Emperor of India until his death on 1910 May 6th.

The obverse of the coin carries crowned bust to right in relief in center of the legend EDWARD VII KING & EMPEROR Engraved by George W De Saulles of Royal Mint, London, who's initials DES appear in relief below.

The reverse of the coin (except 5 cents) is a talipot palm (coryply aumbraceulifera) or fan palm, a prominent palm species of Ceylon. The name CEYLON above and the year of issue below. The value in Sinhala and Tamil on either side. The Sinhala text is to the right on the silver and to the left on the nickel and copper coins.

KM100 Quarter Cent copper coin
KM101 Half Cent copper coin
KM102 One Cent copper coin
KM103 Five Cent cupro-nickel coin
KM 97 Ten Cent silver coin
KM 98 TwentyFive Cent silver coin
KM 99 Fifty Cent silver coin

Text edited from
* The Coins of the British Commonwealth of Nations
F. Pridmore, London, Spink & Son Ltd., 1960.