1822 - Ceylon

British Colonial Anchor Dollars

In 1820 and 1822 silver fractions of the Spanish dollar known as "Anchor money".were struck in England for use in the British Colonies. The 1822 quarters, eighths, and sixteenths were despatched to Ceylon.

BWI KM#1 1822 Sixteenth Anchor Doller Silver coin
BWI KM#2 1822 Eighth Anchor Doller Silver coin
BWI KM#3 1822 Quarter Anchor Doller Silver coin

The Ceylon Blue Book of 1823 has the following suggestive entry on page 123
1823 Blue Book entry
Course of Exchange ...An England has been various during 1822
from 14 4/5 to 15 for the Pound Sterling
However the coins are not mentioned in the Blue Book of 1824.

Lowsley does not mention these coins among those he found in 1890 Ceylon. The coins are mentioned by Codrington, and listed by Mitchiner with Ceylon coins. Both 1820 and the 1822 striking were sent in particular to the Mauritius and to the British West Indies (BWI) under which they are listed in Krause catalog of World Coins.

By Regulation 18 of this year it was made illegal to receive or pay for any silver or copper coin being of currency of the Island any more in value, benefit, or advantage than the true lawful value of such coin. On 1822 August 27th, the Spanish dollar was 4 2/3 shillings (56 pennies) or 2 1/4 Rix-dollars (25 fanams).

Text from
* Ceylon Coins and Currency By H. W. Codrington. Colombo 1924
  Page 151 Chapter XI British - I : 1796-1825 .