1822 - British Colonial

XVI Sixteenth Anchor Dollar

In 1820 and 1822 silver fractions of the Spanish dollar known as "Anchor money".were struck in England for use in the British Colonies. The 1822 quarters, eighths, and sixteenths were despatched to Ceylon.

Denomination1/16 Anchor Doller
AlloySilver (892Ag)
Diameter17. mm
Thickness mm
Weight1.68 gms
Edgevertical grooves
1822_xviad_obverse 1822_xviad_reverse
Mitchiner #222_; Krause BWI #1

Obverse : In ornamental shield arms of the United Kingdom with crowned arms of Hanover in pretence and legend along periphery GEORGIVS IV D:G: BRITANNIARUM REX F:D:
Reverse : Foul anchor crowned with year below: fractional value xvi on each side in roman numerals with legend along periphery COLONIAR: BRITAN: MONET.

The coin was scanned at 300dpi and the images are displayed at 250dpi.
The F/aVF condition coins were purchased in 1998 from a U.S. dealer and not from circulation in Lanka.