Star and Cresent

A small brass coin found in Lanka which I picked up from a dealer in Galle. The Star and crescent moon on oneside interested me, it has arabic script on the other side. Dealer had two coins with same design.

Alloy Brass.
Type Cast/Struck ?
Diameter 8.0 mm
Thickness 1.0 mm
Weight 0.74 gms
Shape Round
Edge Cuts
Die Axis 9O°
Mint Unknown
_obverse _reverse
Obverse : Arabic lettering - 3 lines only middle line clear maybe with word allah (God)
Reverse : Crescent Moon with five pointed star above with two dots on either side.

Sri Lanka has had trade with Arabs for over two Millenniums and therefore the coin can be from any era.

I have displayed the crescent pointing upwards as the new moon is seen from latitudes close to the equator. Crescent Moon is seen tilted sidways at higher geographical latitude as shown on flags of Pakistan and Turkey.

Cresent and Star
of Pakistan Flag.
Cresent and star
of Turkey Flag.

It is impossible to see a star within the cresent moon, as it would be occulted. To give any reality to the dipiction, it needs to be an impact on surface of the moon or a meteorite that happend in line-of-sight to the Moon. See event of 1178, June 18th observed by five Monks Canterbury and reported in the abbey Chronicle.

The coin was scanned at 600 dpi and displayed at 600 dpi. It was purchased in 2008 July from a dealer in Galle.