Ceylon USA Exonumia (Tokens and Medals)

A web display of high resolution color images of Miscellaneous Exonumia of products or places named Ceylon in USA. From the LakdivaCoin collection with edited information from various sources. Exonumia covers a wide field of coin-like objects which are not strictly Currency.

Good For tokens were issued by Merchants as gifts or exchange to attract customers back to the store, and equivalent to printed coupons in use today. Some US Merchants are known to have issued a series of denominations and given them back as change for payment.

A slot machine token, for gaming, use in a parking meter, toll station, phone booth, or public transport is not currency. Although a substitute for coins for this single application it is no different to a ticket issued as a receipt of payment for the service monitored by an automated machine.

Medals have no denomination and used for presentation and non-financial reward for services.

Trade Tokens

  * < 1903 Monsoon Indo-Ceylon, Tea - 1 c when buying token
  * 1904 St Louis Worlds Fair Ceylon Government Commission. token

Ceylon, MN 56121 - USA

  * Top Hat Cafe - 5 cents in Trade token
  * H. P. Andrews - 5 cents in Merchandise token
  * Gus & Squiz - 5 cents in trade token
  * Rosenberg & Lenz - 5 cents in trade token
  * Ceylon Legion Post #529 - 35 cents in trade token
  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . more tokens in CeylonMN collection webpage.

Ceylon, IN 46740 - USA

  * 1976 Adams County Indiana - US BiCentennial Medal