Ruffler & Walker      1

Amusement Machine Token

A copper Amusement Machine tokens issued by "Ruffler and Walker" of Clapham, Greater London, UK. The token is slightly smaller than a British penny coin was in use in the early 1940's.

DenominationOne Penny
Diameter29.9 mm
Thickness1.6 mm
Weight8.85 gms
amusement_1_r&w_obverse amusement_1_r&w_reverse

Obverse : Large initials R & W within plain circle. NO VALUE above and PROPERTY OF MACHINE below along the periphery.
Reverse : Has large 1 at center within a leafy pattern arranged in a diamond.
LOANED FOR above and AMUSEMENT ONLY below along the periphery. + on either side between text.

This token has different obverse but identical reverse to Samson Novelty Co token found with it.

Paul Baker of U.K. identified R & W to stand for "Ruffler & Walker" of Clapham, Greater London. Some holed R & W tokens are shown on his website. Bill Ruffler was born in 1911, and Fred Walker in 1906. Ruffler & Walker an amusement machine supplier existed from 1934 until the early 70s. According to Tim Hunkin who as a teenager had a saturday job at Ruffler and Walker - They are best known for their Table football machines - cast metal players with knitted jerseys, but did make other stuff.

The token was scanned at 300dpi and the images are displayed at 200 dpi. This token was obtained in the 2003 May from a dealer in Galle, Lanka. Theu were among a pile of circulated old British copper, but that is probably only because they were all copper coins of similar size.
I thank Paul Baker and Tim Hunkin for their information.