1943? - Ceylon

G.P.O. Counter-marked 10-cents coin

A both side GPO countermarked 10 cent coin from Ceylon which may have been used in General Post Office phone Booths like the minted G.P.O. crown token.

DenominationTen cents
Diameter15.5 mm
Thickness0.75 mm
Weight1.14 gms
gpo_cm_obverse gpo_cm_reverse

Obverse : GPO counter-mark on George VI portrait of silver coin. Faint mirror impression of reverse countermark.
Reverse : GPO counter-mark on CEYLON 1941 10-cents Talipot palm. Faint mirror impression of obverse countermark.

This 10-cent coin of the same diameter and weight of the GPO crown token but significantly thinner.

This image sent to me in 2003 November by Rudy Boekel. He said I managed to get a ten cents 1941 countermarked G.P.O. coin it costed me 30 US a bit much but I think it will be the only one for a long time , this coin of George VI is countermarked on both sides, same as an other four coins I have seen from other collectors , the coin you have on your web is most likely an early copy and was found out that you have to turn the coin to find out if it is countermarked , in other words to bothersome , hence both sides countermarked, stands to reason ?

The Counter-marked coin is imaged at about 600 dpi and the images are displayed at 400 dpi.