1943? - Ceylon

G.P.O. Counter-marked 10-cents coin

A GPO countermarked 10 cent coin from Ceylon which may have been used in General Post Office phone Booths like the minted G.P.O. crown token. A 10 cent coin GPO countermarked on both sides is also known.

DenominationTen cents?
Diameter15.5 mm
Thickness0.75 mm
Weight1.14 gms
gpo_cm_obverse gpo_cm_reverse

Obverse : GPO counter-mark on George V portrait of silver coin
Reverse : Faint mirror impression of countermark on 1928 10-cents.

This 10-cent coin of the same diameter and weight of the GPO crown token but significantly thinner.

The Counter-marked coin is imaged at about 600 dpi and the images are displayed at 400 dpi. These images were kindly sent to me by Howard of Simmons Gallary who put it on Mailbid Auction 24(lot 586) that ended 2003 January 8th. I sadly lost it to Jose Luis Rubio of Montevideo, Uruguay, the President of the International Telephone Token Association.