Worlds Fair, St Louis, USA - 1904

Ceylon Government Commission

A 1904 St Louis Worlds Fair Five Cent Trade token from Ceylon Government Commission.

Value5 cent
Diameter25.4 mm
Thickness mm
Weight gms
1904_cg_st_louis_5c_obverse 1904_cg_st_louis_5c_reverse

Obverse : Curved along top CEYLON above GOVERNMENT COMMISSION 1904 in 3 lines with ST. LOUIS curved at bottom, within a dot circle along the periphery and raised rim.
Reverse : Large 5 at center within a dot circle along the periphery and raised rim.

The Ceylon Tea pavilion opened to the public the first week of the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair. The building was full of interesting curios including a full set of furniture made from porcupine quills. It was not unusual to find ladies sipping tea sitting on a veranda listening to afternoon concerts, served by waiters wearing white jackets, sarong and exotic footwear.

The token had been scanned at 300 dpi and the images are displayed at 250 dpi. The image of token is from an ebay Auction that I lost badly in 2011 October. It sold for an order of magnitude more than I estimated. There are probably lot more collectors of 1904 St. Luise World's fair items than just Ceylon. I miss the early days of eBay from 1997 to about 2002 when there were very few bidding on Ceylon Items.
If you own a specimen please send kavanr @ it's weight and a if possible a better 600 dpi scan.