Stamp Bulletin No. 667 Special Issue

Ancient Sri Lanka - Stamp Series

Proto-Historic Era & Early Anuradhapura Era


Philatelic Bureau Department of Posts,
Postal Headquarters, D. R. Wijewardena Mawatha, Colombo 00100, SRI LANKA

The Philatelic Bureau of the Department of Posts issued a set of 6 stamps of the denominations Rs. 5.00, Rs. 10.00, Rs. 12.00, Rs. 15,00, Rs. 30.00 and Rs. 40.00 depicting various phases and features of the Proto-historic period and Early Anuradhapura period on the 30th of April, as the 2nd set in the series of stamps depicting the historical heritage and features of Sn Lanka, by the name of "Ancient Sri Lanka".

Iron melting furnaces can be found in areas all around the Island. The ancient settlers possessed the technological know -how to process not only iron but also other metal such as Copper, Silver, Gold and Bronze.

When contemplating the evolution of the system of money transactions in the Island, the earliest type of coin used in India as well as Lanka from the BCE era was known as Purana. Such coins, made of Copper and Silver and were circular, oval, rectangular and triangular in shape. It is seen that the coins were manufactured to be of equal weight. These coins used by the community from 3rd century BCE to 4th century CE bore the symbols of the sun, trees, animals, human beings, fish and mountain ranges Punched on them. Hence they are identified as Has Ebu Kahapana.

Rs. 30.00 Early Anuradhapura period Gaja Laksmi coin and Hasebu Kahapana

The Lakshmi coin used in Lanka was unique in nature. The coin made of lead and copper bears the portrait of God Lakshmi on its obverse and the railed swastika symbol on its reverse. The coin has been in use in the Island from 1st century BCE to 4th century CE.

The swastika coin is 2 to 2.5 centimeters in size and nearly 16 grams in weight. A significant factor is the depiction of railed swastika symbol on the obverse. This type of coin is found to belong to period from the 2nd century BCE to 4th century CE. There had been several types of this coin bearing the symbols Lion and Swastika and Tree and Swasikia.

Details of the Issue

Date of Issue 30th April 2008
Denominations Rs. 30.00
Designer Sudath Jayawardana
Stamp Size 30mm x 30mm
Format Square
Printing Process Offset Lithography
Sheet Composition 12 stamps per sheet
Perforations 13
Printers Department of Government Printing, Sri Lanka
Colours (used) 4 Process Colours
Paper 102 gsm. Security Stamp Paper
Quantity Printed Rs 30.00 - 500,000

PBB667 First Day Cover