Lankan Coins on Sri Lankan Stamps

Images of Indigenous Lanka Coinage
on Eight Sri Lankan Stamps issued in the last decade.

2001.06.18Rs   3.50
Rs 13.50
Rs 17.00
Rs 20.00
Kahavanu Type I
2500 Buddha Jayanthi
Indigenous Coinage
of Sri Lanka
2006.05.05Rs 10.00 Elephant & Swastika 2550 Years of Buddhist Era
2008.04.30Rs 30.00 Laksmi Plaque
Has Ebu Kahapana
Early Anuradhapura Era
2008.09.16Rs   5.00 Kahavanu Type III Late Anuradhapura Era
2009.06.23Rs   5.00 Lilawathi Massa Polonnaruwa Era

Exhibited with Coins at Lanka Philex 2011 - 2011 October 28-30
Postal Headquarters, D. R. Wijewardena Mawatha, Colombo 00100.

An older Sri Lankan Rs 2/- Stamp issued on 1995 October 31st for World Thrift Day & 110th Anniversary of National Savings bank depicts ten current circulation World coins being deposited into a globe represented as a Till. Three of the coins can be identified as Lankan Rs 1, Rs 2 and 25 cents. Other coins are from Malaysia, India, and Middle East.

I thank Mr Harry Jayawardena, former secretary of the Sri Lanka Philatelic Society for pointing out this omission which is also listed in Ken Polsson's Coins on Postage Stamps website.