1984 - 2004

SRI LANKA - Five Rupees

A definitive decimal currency five Rupee Nickel-Brass coin. The last Five Rupee currency note was issued on 1982 January 1st. In 2005 the metal changed to a lighter Brass plated Steel coin reflecting its diminishing value.

DenominationRupees Five
Diameter23.5 mm
Thickness3.1 mm
Weight9.5 gms
Edgemilled with incused lettering
SriLanka_r05_obverse SriLanka_r05_reverse
KM #148

Obverse : The Armorial Ensign of Sri Lanka

Reverse : The large numeral 5 at the centre with FIVE RUPEES in Sinhala, Tamil and English superimposed. SRI LANKA in Sinhala appear at the apex and Tamil and English on each side. The year of issue at the bottom.

The coin is 3.1 MM thick and has incused lettering on edge in
SriLanka_r05_sinhala SriLanka_r05_sinhala SriLanka_r05_CBCC.B.C
In 1986 the incused lettering in English on edge changed from C.B.C. (Central Bank of Ceylon) to C.B.S.L. (Central Bank of Sri Lanka).

Year Issue
1984 25,000,000
1986 60,000,000
1991 40,000,000
1994 50,000,000
2002 32,000,000
2004 34,000,000

In 1995 and 1999, Rupees Five coins were issued into circulation as commemorative coins.

This 3.1mm thick coin is similer in design to the British pound and still in regular circulation. However even at the time of first issue of this coin in 1984 it's value was only 1/7th and by late 2004 deflated to under 1/40th of a British pound. A high security coin now worth under a dime. It is the highest definitive denomination of coin in regular circulation.

According to a statement reported to have been made at the Press Conference on 2005 December 14th some five rupee coins are smuggled to London where vending machines can be fooled into accepting it as a one pound coin. The British Pound is 9.5 grams and 22.5 mm in diameter. The Lankan Rs5 coin is 23.5 mm in diameter and was of the same weight, and thickness which is probably why the newer Brass plated Steel coin is about 13% thinner and at 7.7 grams is 19% lighter. That is probably sufficiently lighter for coin machines to identify it as not a pound. If the Rs5/- coin was shaved to the diameter of the British Pound it is only 8.33% lighter

The coin was scaned at 300 dpi and the edge at 600 dpi. The images are displayed at 200 dpi.

Need to recheck the Alloy. Sallay and the Fax from CBSL gives it as Nickel Brass but Krause lists it as Aluminium Bronze.