1984 - 2004

SRI LANKA - Two Rupees

A definitive decimal currency two Rupee copper-nickel coin. The last Two Rupee currency note was issued on 1979 March 26th. In 2005 the metal changed to a lighter Nickel plated Steel coin reflecting its diminishing value.

DenominationRupees Two
Diameter28.5 mm
Thickness1.7 mm
Weight8.30 gms
SriLanka_r02_obverse SriLanka_r02_reverse
KM #147

Obverse : The Armorial Ensign of Sri Lanka

Reverse : The large numeral 2 at the centre with TWO RUPEES in Sinhala, Tamil and English superimposed. SRI LANKA in Sinhala appear at the apex of the coin and in Tamil and English on ether side. The year of issue is at the bottom.

Year Issue
1984 25,000,000
1993 40,000,000
1996 50,000,000
2001 10,000,000
2002 44,350,000
2004 34,650,000

The coin was scaned at 300 dpi and the images are displayed at 250 dpi.