British Colonial - London: 1957-1968
St George Sovereign - Queen Elizabeth II

This is the Second issue for Queen Elizabeth II. The first issue dated 1953, was only few Proof coins for the national collections. From 1957 till 1968 the Royal Mint struck circulation grade sovereigns for Queen Elizabeth II. The title BRITT:OMN:was omitted due to the change in status of many commonwealth countries.

MetalGold 0.916
AlloyAg/Cu 0.??
Diameter22.1 mm
Thickness1.5 mm
Weight Legal7.99 gms
Weight7.99 gms
MintRoyal, London
19xx_elizabeth~ii_1s_au_obverse 19xx_elizabeth~ii_1s_au_reverse
Obverse : Bare head of Young Queen Elizabeth~II to right with tie at the back of hair. Clockwise from top along periphery legend ELIZABETH·II·DEI·GRATIA·REGINA·F·D·+. Engraver Mery Gillick put her initials M.G. incuse at bottom of Bust. Reverse : St. George with Steamer flowing from Helmet, mounted on horse rearing right, slaying with sword in right hand, the dragon on ground. Mint Year below the representation of ground, with designer Benedetto Pistrucci's initials B.P. to the right.

Ref: The Gold Sovereign. by M. A. Marsh.
1999, Cambridge U.K., 2nd ed. 118pp. Illustr. colour

The Sovereign was scanned at 600 dpi and displayed at 300 dpi. It was purchased in 2015 August as Bullion from a collector who had it as an investment.