British Colonial - Petoria: 1929-1932
Sovereign - King George V

The sovereign now only Bullion was not minted in London Mint after 1925, but continude to be minted in few Branches of Royal Mint. With a smaller head of King George V, only 3 of 7 Mints continued from 1929 till the great depresion ceased minting in 1932.

MetalGold 0.916
AlloyAg/Cu 0.??
Diameter22.1 mm
Thickness1.5 mm
Weight Legal7.99 gms
Weight7.99 gms
MintRoyal, London
19xx_george~v_1s_au_obverse 19xx_george~v_1s_au_reverse
Obverse : The bare smaller head of King George~V facing left. Around periphery legend GEORGEIVS V D.G.BRITT:OMN:REX F.D.IND:IMP: . Mint Engraver Edgar Bertram Mackennal R.A. placed small initials B. M. in relief at bootom of the Truncation.
Reverse: St. George with Steamer flowing from Helmet, mounted on horse rearing right, slaying, with sword in right hand, the dragon on ground. Mint Year below the representation of ground, with designer Benedetto Pistrucci's initials B.P. to the right.

Note that King George~V, St George Sovereigns were minted with Mint mark on the representation of ground on reverse.
Royal MintStart End Mint Mark
Melbourne 1929 1931 M
Perth 1929 1931 P
Petoria 1929 1932 SA
These King George V Sovereigns minted between 1929 and 1932 had a smaller head. Note also the sharp cutoff of truncation, unlike the King George V sovereigns minted between 1911 and 1928.

World War I and the depression in the west increased the value of the Indian Rupee till it was fixed in 1927 at 1s 4d. The Pound Sterling was then worth Rs 13.33.

The only George VI gold sovereigns were 1937 Proof Specimen struck to commemorate the corronation with a mintage of only 5,500.

Ref: The Gold Sovereign. by M. A. Marsh.
1999, Cambridge U.K., 2nd ed. 118pp. Illustr. colour

The Sovereign was scanned at 600 dpi and displayed at 300 dpi It was purchased 2015 August as Bullion from a collector who had it as an investment.