Sri Lanka - Fantasy Half Sovereign
1917 (sic) King Edward VII

The Gold sovereigns became Bullion after 1925. With the scarcity of genuine sovereign in the Sri Lanka market, they are now replicated by many Jewellery Stores for sale to those who require Sovereigns for gifts.

MetalGold 0.916
AlloyAg/Cu 0.??
Diameter20.2 mm
Thickness1.0 mm
Weight Legal4.00 gms
Weight4.05 gms
CastSri Lanka
19xx_lk_edward~vii_hs_au_obverse 19xx_lk_edward~vii_hs_au_reverse
Obverse : The bare head of King Edward~VII facing right. Around periphery legend EDWARDVS VII D:G:BRITT:OMN:REX F:D:IND:IMP: .
Reverse: St. George with Steamer flowing from Helmet, mounted on horse rearing right, slaying with sword in right hand, the dragon on ground. Year 1917 (sic) below the representation of ground.

This is a Fantasy and not a replica since King Edward~VII half sovereigns were only issued during his lifetime from 1902 to 1910. It reflects the ignorance of those who try replicate these sovereigns in Sri Lanka.

The fantasy Half Sovereign was scanned at 600 dpi and displayed at 300 dpi. I got it from my sister who had been given it as a Gift.