Sri Lanka - Fantasy
Fifth of Sovereign Panchayuda

As Gold sovereign became unaffordable for most fractional coins were replicated by many Jewellery Stores for sale to those who require gold as gifts. In this case a Panchayuda has been engraved on the obverse of coin which has been made into a Pendent.

MetalGold 0.916
Diameter16.2 mm
Thickness0.6 mm
Weight Legal1.60 gms
Weight1.49 gms
CastSri Lanka
1913_lk_panchayuda_fs_au_obverse 1913_lk_panchayuda_fs_au_reverse
Obverse : Engraved to erase the head of King George~V a Panchayuda. Around periphery remnents of legend.
Reverse: St. George with Steamer flowing from Helmet, mounted on horse rearing right, slaying with sword in right hand, the dragon on ground. Year 1913 below the representation of ground.

The Panchayuda are the five weapons of God Vishnu viz wheel, Conch, Mace, Sword and bow. The old belief is that a person wearing the pendent will be protected from enemies and will gain bravery to counter evil. Although based on Hindu Mythology it is adopted and used regularly by religious Buddhists in Sri Lanka, ignorant that the Buddha spoke against such superstitious beliefs.

This is a Fantasy and not a replica since King George~V one fifth Sovereigns were never issued. It reflects the need for fractional denominations of gold sovereigns as value of Gold increases.

The fantasy fifth of Sovereign was scanned at 600 dpi and displayed at 300 dpi. It was a Birthday gift from my wife Lidwina in 2014.