British Colonial - London: 1852-1869
Shield Half Sovereign - Queen Victoria

On 1852 October 16th British Gold Sovereigns and Half Sovereigns were legalised for use in Ceylon by Proclamation of Queen Victoria. It was revoked by proclamation on 1869 June 18th with the introduction of Decimal curreny for Ceylon.

DenominationHalf Sovereign
MetalGold 0.916
AlloyAg/Cu 0.??
Diameter19.3 mm
Thickness0.9 mm
Weight Legal4.00 gms
Weight3.95 gms
MintRoyal, London
18xx_uk_victoria_hs_au_obverse 18xx_uk_victoria_hs_au_reverse
Obverse :Young Head of Queen Victoria to left. Hair bound with double fillet and collected up into a knot behind. Above along periphery legend VICTORIA DEI GRATIA . Engraver Willium Wyon put his initials W.W. in relief at the rear, below the truncation. Mint Year at bottom
Reverse : The Ensigns Armorial within a ornate shield and surmounted by a crown. A small flower stop each side. Along periphery on left and right legend BRITANNIARUM REGINA FID: DEF: .

18532,709K1862 None
1857   738K18662,059K
1858   856K1867   993K
18592,204K1868 None

Note that Shield type Half Sovereigns were Minted in Royal Mint in London, from 1838 to 1885. The coins minted between 1863 and 1880 has the die number on reverse, at the bottom of the coin just above the rose. and known as Type 1B. Other years without die number known as Type 1A. Half Sovereigns minted before 1852 would have been legal tender in Ceylon during the years from 1852 to 1869.

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Ref: The Gold Sovereign. by M. A. Marsh.
1999, Cambridge U.K., 2nd ed. 118pp. Illustr. colour

The Half Sovereign was scanned at 600 dpi and displayed at 300 dpi It was obtained in USA around 2000.