Ceylon Gold Sovereigns

A web display of high resolution color images of Sovereigns from Ceylon/Sri Lanka and in the LakdivaCoin collection with edited information from various sources.

British Colonial Period
Legal Tender

All these sovereigns and fraction thereof are now not legal tender, and are Bullion with no fixed denomination.

  * 1838-1887 Queen Victoria Shield Sovereign ; Half Sovereign
  * 1857-1870 Queen Victoria Australia Sovereign ; Half Sovereign
  * 1871-1885 Queen Victoria St George Sovereign
  * 1887-1893 Queen Victoria Jubilee Sovereign
  * 1893-1901 Queen Victoria Veiled Sovereign
  * 1902-1910 King Edward VII Sovereign
  * 1911-1928 King George V Sovereign


  * 1929-1932 King George V (small head) Sovereign
  * 1957-1968 Queen Elizabeth II Sovereign

Post Independence Period

Sovereigns cast in Sri Lanka and used for presentation and financial reward for services and will always have the intrinsic Bullion value of the Gold. The Numismatic collector value could be significantly larger only if rare. As Bullion there are probably a very large variety.

  * Replica and Fantasy Sovereigns and Fractions minted in Sri Lanka
    · 1908 King Edward VII Replica Sovereign
    · 1917 King Edward VII(sic) Fantasy Half Sovereign
    · 1917 King George V Fantasy Quarter Sovereign
    · 1913 Panchayuda Fantasy Fifth Sovereign

  * Central Bank of Sri Lanka- Long Service Medal sovereign minted since 1975

  * Sri Lanka Department of Wildlife Conservation 50th Anniversary Medal sovereign minted in 1999

  * Gold Corporation of Lanka Half sovereign