1462 - 1597 - Setu Type II(7) - Jaffna
Arya Chakravartis Copper Half massa

Copper Half massa of the Jaffna Arya Chakravartis circ 1462-1597, of Codrington SETU type II(7) a debased Type indicative of the decline of the kingdom.

DenominationOne massa
Diameter12.4 mm
Thickness2.0 mm
Weight1.67 gms
setu_II-7_massa_cu_obverse setu_II-7_massa_cu_reverse
Codrington 96 ;Mitchiner #868
Obverse : Tamil legend SETU across a circle in center of octofoil. All in line circle with dot circle along rim.
Reverse : Bull couchant facing left. Crescent and sun above. Tamil legend SETU below ; large kombu. To left of bull a dot and to right a group of three dots. Below ground line row of six dots and one below them. All in line circle with dot circle along rim.

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Text edited from
* Ceylon Coins and Currency: H. W. Codrington, Colombo, 1924.
Chapter VI Mediaeval Lanka - "Setu" Coins - Type II(4), Page 77
* Oriental Coins: Michael Mitchiner, London, Hawkins Publications, 1978.

The coin was scanned at 600dpi and displayed at 500dpi. It is from part of Lalith Raddella's collection (ex: Raja Wickramasinghe) I purchased in 2016 December.