Stone Seal - Lanka

Ruhuna - Svastika Symbol

A stone seal in shape of hand Stamp carved with an engraving of Svastika. It was found in Maligavilla by villager Alugalge Simion in Ruhuna, south East Lanka.

Diameter26.5 mm
height40.5 mm
Weight19.94 gms
ruhuna_svastika_seal_obverse ruhuna_svastika_seal_reverse
Obverse : Svastika symbol incuse at center of flat surface enclosed within square which has rail at bottom not connected to the Svastika.
Side : Rod of 17 mm diameter pointed on top and a broader 27 mm base at with no markings. Slightly rougher surface than the flat surface.

The hand stamp carved from a stone. The cylinder has flat chisel cuts. The svastika revolving right (clockwise) will stamp out revolving left (anti-clockwise).

In the 1999 catalog by Osmund Bopearachchi and Rajah Wickramasinhe titled Ruhuna. An Ancient Civilization Re-visited , they are listed under Seals (J.1-J.29), most of them of Terracotta, and and four in stone. Many of those illustrated were of this shape. It was obtained from the same collector who provided most of the items for that book.

The seal was scanned at 300 dpi and displayed at 250 dpi. It was obtained in 2003 May from Mr A. Ratnayaka a collector in Katharagama, Lanka.