Ruhuna - Lanka

Lead - Inscribed Brahmi

A unique lead token with Inscribed Brahmi text with a circle of four tortoises on the obverse and Lakshmi with elephants on either side on the reverse.

lakshmipbtoken_obverse lakshmipbtoken_obverse

Obverse : Geometrical design with wheel at center. Dot and eight radial spokes. Surrounded by a circle 4 divided quadrants by radial dolphins with turtle in each in a clockwise orientation. A fifth smaller sector has a single dot, which in image has been arbitrarily aligned to be on top. Outward pointing saw tooth ring along periphery.

lakshmipbtoken_reverse lakshmipbtoken_reverse

Reverse : Lakshmi at center with bent stretched out arms holding stands. Pair of elephants on either-side with raised trunks. Brahmi text along periphery.

lakshmipbtoken_obverse lakshmipbtoken_reverse

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Please also read my notes on Line drawing coins.