Blink Coin Image Line Drawing

The images with and without line drawing and coin as well as before and after cleaning have been displayed on top of each other for easy comparison.
With a JavaScript Enabled Browser click alternatively on links Next and Last below images to view and Blink line drawing.

This Blink is possible within the image editing software used. It is very useful to verify the line-drawing and add or edit any parts that don't line up.
For details please read my notes on Line drawing coins with a Graphire3 Pen and tablet.

Lakshmi Lead token image Lakshmi Lead token image
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Obverse :Geometrical design with wheel at center. Dot and eight radial spokes. Surrounded by a circle 4 divided quadrants by radial dolphins with turtle in each in a clockwise orientation. A fifth smaller sector has a single dot, which in image has been arbitrarily aligned to be on top. Outward pointing saw tooth ring along periphery.
Reverse :Lakshmi at center with bent stretched out arms holding stands. Pair of elephants on either-side with raised trunks. Brahmi text along periphery.

Coin Main page. See also images of cleaned Coin before patina of coin was removed in an attempt to see more detail. They are in standard HTML and do not use JavaScript.