Century 3rd BC to 1st AD - Lanka

Ruhuna - Elephant and Svastika

Elephant and Svastika coins have recently been found at Akurugoda near Tissmaharama in south east Lanka. It is the classic and largest of the ancient coins which is uniquely from Lanka.

TypeStruck ?
Diameter30.7 mm
Thickness3.2 mm
Weight11.01 gms
ConditionPartly cleaned
elephant_svastika_clean_cu_obverse elephant_svastika_clean_cu_reverse
Obverse : On bottom, an Elephant walking to the left with trunk extended and tail ending in a triple fork, Above are four standard symbols. Just above elephant: the elongated Flag, The railed svastika(off-flan), Upper left the Tree with three-Branches and three-leaves each in enclosure, divided into four compartments, Upper right the Chitaya of three small cells, the two bottom ones are contiguous. Two Four-dot symbols near front legs and tail of elephant. Plain circle enclosing the symbols partly visible.
Reverse : On top, the railed Svastika revolving right. To left inverted triangle which is upper half of a hour glass symbol. Plain circle enclosing the symbols partly visible.

The coin was scanned at 300 dpi and displayed at 200 dpi. It was obtained in 2003 May in uncleaned condition from Ratnayaka, a collector in Kataragama, Lanka. It was cleaned by me.