Abhishekha Lakshmi Token

Lakshmi Lead token image Lakshmi Lead token image


2004 - March 10th - Tom Pastorello
My interest is in universal psycho analytical meaning and the more basic meaning of any cultural symbol within the Collective Unconscious. In that regard, what I find most compelling is the correspondence to mandalas that my students have produced when I've asked them to describe their lives' journeys and personal growth --past, present and future. From a Jungian perspective, their mandalas and this coin show the archetypal expression of individuation -- developmental growth from animal instinct to spiritual wholeness.

The Ruhuna-Lanka Lead-Inscribed Brahmi illustration is a fascinating and tellingof individuation. On the obverse the centering is clearer than on the map and the spokes count 8 rather than 4. For each of the 4 inner selves there are 4 external selves manifested socially. Here, 8 is a transcendent number. This piece seems to capture the moment of psychic/Collective Unconscious unity. Death? Primal life and universal flow move to the center. The converse exudes life -- truly a converse: life and death as one.

I'm sure the creators of these workshad different explicit ideas in mind. I believe also,however, that as gifted and insightful artists their unconscious minds spoke in the design of their work and what they have told us is all about what is universal in human development and journey tospiritual wholeness.

Thomas Pastorello
Professor Emeritus
Syracuse University
College of Human Development and Health Professions