Unidentified - South India

Pandyan - dots-rays Cu ?

A copper coin which is as yet to be identified found in Katharagama in Ruhuna. Most probably of south Indian Pandyan origin. and very likely been used as money.

TypeCast ?
Diameter7.8 mm
Thickness2.6 mm
Weight0.71 gms
Pandyan_dots_rays_cu_obverse Pandyan_dots_rays_cu_reverse
Obverse : Central dot with radial rays.
Reverse : Few relatively large dots.

This coin is probably of same anonymous type collected by Mr Biddulph in the general region of Madura and listed as Pandyan and non-Pandyan small copper coinage: circa AD 250-700 in Mitchiner #5134-5158. Their size is comparable with the kinds of 4th century Roman bronzes and their imitations which circulated in the Madura region as well as in Lanka.

Katharagama in Ruhuna, Lanka is an ancient site of Hindu worship that attracted pilgrims from South India for centuries. These coins are found when paning for gems in the Manik ganga which is a river that flows through Katharagama.

I have not seen a coin like this cataloged. If anyone can identify this coin or has seen one like it please let me know details about it.

The coin was scanned at 600dpi and displayed at 600dpi. It was obtained in 2001 December from Mr A. Ratnayaka a collector in Katharagama, Lanka.