80 - 95 AD - Kushan - Vima Takto

Copper - TetraDracham

A copper TetraDrachm of Kushan with a horseman. The legend Soter Megas (the Great Savior) has been identified with Vima Takto (80 - 95 AD).

TypeStruck ?
Diameter23/21 mm
Thickness3.9 mm
Weight8.31 gms
Obverse : Bust of king with helmet (seven rays) facing right, holding whip in dotted circle. tamgha behind
Reverse : King seated on standing horse facing right with his arm stretched out forward with a axe. 3 pronged tamgha in front. Cape represented by two wavy lines behind cone-shaped helmet. Clear Greek legend Soter Megas along periphery.

For discussion see smaller lower grade Dracham coin obtained from Ruhuna in 2001 which has same design.

The Very fine grade coin was imaged at 500 dpi and displayed at 300 dpi. It was purchased from a dealer in US in 2003 Sept and NOT from circulation in Lanka.