Roman Fourth Brass found in Lanka
Theodosius the Great (379-395 CE)

Ancient Roman coins were found since the 1980's in Akurugoda, in Ruhuna, the southern part of the Island of lanka. The coins are identified mostly 4th Brass AE4 (under 17 MM) with few 3rd Brass AE3 (17-21 MM).

Diameter14 mm
Thickness mm
Weight0.92 gms
OBRW_G30_roman_theodosiusI_obverse OBRW_G30_roman_theodosiusI_reverse
Obverse : Bust of the Emperor to the right. Text D N THEODO...
Reverse : Victory to left, trophy on shoulder dragging captive by the hair; monogram of Christ in field,

Identified as a late Roman Bronze Coin of Theodosius I.

Twenty Four Late Roman Bronze coins (G.22 to G.45) found in Akurugoda with sizes 13 to 17 mm and weights from 0.9 to 2.5 grams that were found in Akurugoda are cataloged under Local Coins in 1999 by Osmund Bopearachchi and Rajah Wickramasinhe in the book Ruhuna. An Ancient Civilization Re-visited. This AE4 Very Good grade coin found in Akurugoda is Plate 8 Specimen G.30 The description of reverse is equated to that of G.29 for which it is given in this book.

The coin was scanned at 600 dpi and are displayed at 400 dpi. They were obtained in 2000 August from Rajah Wickremasinhe author and collector in Lanka