1642 - 1647 - Portuguese Ceilão
Silver - Tanga Asia TA - D S

The silver Tanga with Coat of arms of Portugal and Tanga Asia (TA) monogram struck in Goa from 1642 - 1647 for circulation in Ceilão also known as De Seylão D S, during the reign of D. João IV (1640-1656).

Diameter15.3 mm
Thickness1.3 mm
Weight legal2.19 gms
Weight2.03 gms
1642_GA_DS_TA_J4_tanga_ag_obverse 1642_GA_DS_TA_J4_tanga_ag_reverse
Codrington cf#109 ; Gomes J4:11.02 ; F.Vas J4.27 KM #10
Obverse : Crowned Coat of arms of Portugal divides G A (Goa) within a circle of dots between two plain line circles.
Reverse : TA (Tanga Asia) monogram divides D S (De Seylão) with year I642 below, all within a circle of dots between two plain line circles.

Codrington (VIII-21:II,p.100) lists it among silver coins struck in or for Ceylon as the second series of the Malacca type struck in 1642, 1643, and 1647, comparing with the Tanga Asia with D M (De Malacca). minted in Year 1641.

In Grogan section on Ceylon the Tanga is illustrated
(1321) of 1642 -- 16 mm ; 2.22 grams.
(1322) of 1643 -- 17/16 mm ; 2.19 grams.

Codrinton 109 is a Double Tanga countermarked with VOC Galle logo GAL

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The F grade coin Scaned at 600 dpi are displayed at 500 dpi. It is from part of Lalith Raddella's collection I purchased in 2016 December.