1598 - 1621 - Portuguese Ceilão
Copper - Half Bazaruco - Arms - Globe

The Copper Half Bazaruco with a Court of Arms of Portugal and Armillary Globe (Astrolabe) which circulated in Ceilão.

Diameter13.7 mm
Thickness1.9 mm
Weight mean2.40 gms
Weight2.35 gms
1598_GA_F2_bazco_zn_obverse 1598_GA_F2_bazco_zn_reverse
Codrington 116 ; Gomes F.Vaz F2.07; KM #4
Obverse : Crowned Court of Arms of Portugal within two circle of small dots between three plain line circles.
Reverse : Armillary Globe within a circle of small dots between two plain line circles.

Krause Lists 1/4 Bazaruco for Goa with weight 1.2 grams as Goa-KM #48 . Krause Lists 1/4 Bazaruco for Ceylon with weight 2.7 grams as KM #4 . F.Vaz list mean weights for 1/4, 1/2, and Full as 1.2, 2.0 and 3.1

Text from
* Moedas Portuguesas 1128-1988, by Alberto Gomes. Lisbon 1987
* Indo Portuguese Money, by J Ferraro Vaz, . Braga, Portugal 1980, P.129
* Collection Henry Thomas Grogan, J. Schulman, Auction 23-02-1914.
* Non-Islamic and Western Colonies since 600 AD by by Michael Mitchiner.

The VF grade coins are scaned at 600 dpi images are displayed at 500 dpi. The Coin is from part of Lalith Raddella's collection purchased in 2016 December.