Murad III 1574-1594
Gold Othmanli

Murad III, ruled the Ottoman Empire for 20 years. This gold sultani was minted in Misr which is modern Cairo in Egypt.

Alloy Au
Type Struck
Diameter 20.5 mm
Thickness 1.1 mm
Weight Legal3.50 gms
Weight 3.47 gms
Shape Round
Edge Plain
Die Axis 180°
Mint Misr
murad_iii_Misr_au_obverse murad_iii_Misr_au_reverse
Album 1332
Obverse : Sultan Murad bin Selim Khan, azze nasruhu, dhuribe fi Misr seneh 982
Sultan Murad son of Selim Lord, May his Victory be Glorious struck in Misr Year 982
Reverse : Dharibun-Nadri sahibbul izzi vennasri filberri velbahr
Striker of the Glittering, Master of might Victory and of Land and the Sea.

Type is similar with N. Pere No. 275, but better because of ornament "on" Selim.

Ceylon Coins and Currency By Codrington records 9 Othmanli coins of Murad III found in Lanka with mint distribution: Constantinople .. 2 Damascus .. 2 Aleppo .. 2 Tripoli .. 1 Cairo .. 2
Sultani shown on this page is not from circulation in Lanka.
Steve Album lists it as Common.

The Ottoman sultan Murad III was son and successor of Selim II. When he ascended to throne at age 28 he had his brothers strangled in his presence. He was dominated by his harem. His generals were successful in the last additions were made to the Ottoman empire; Cyprus, Tunis, Yemen, Georgia, and some parts of Persia. However his reign marked the beginning of the decay of the Ottoman Empire. The debasement of the coinage in his reign led to a revolt. His son Muhammad III succeeded him.

Text edited from Internet and The Ever Victorious - Guide to Ottoman Empire Numismatics 1971 by Jem Sultan

The coin was scanned at 600 dpi and displayed at 300 dpi. It was won on ebay in Oct 1999 from a Canadian seller from whom I had also purchased the Suleyman I sultani.