The SPAIN HALF ESCUDO 1817 Incident

Please check on seller's Auctions of Gold Coins on ebay.

On Jan 14th I bid and won item #54927039 

After sending $110.05 payment to Saul J Klein, P. O. Box 140048, Brooklyn
NY 11214 on Jan 18th I noticed the same item on Auction again

I request clarification from seller and conformation. I was told my coin 
will be posted after my cheque clears. On Feb 5th I received by mail a lower
grade gold coin of same type but not clearly the coin shown on auction.

I then noticed that seller has done similar auctions of gold coins, in one
case increasing the stated grade when sale didn't meet reserve

1731 Two Escudo item 54917008 XF  under reserve  $513.00  01/14/99 21:10:27    
1731 Two Escudo item 60894547 XF+ under reserve  $592.65  02/03/99 21:22:43
and in another case using the same image sold item two times at different 
1865 Two Escudo item 54928595 VF+ sold       for $ 76.00  01/14/99 21:58:01
1865 Two Escudo item 61200197 XF+ sold       for $ 96.99  02/03/99 20:45:19

The seller made no indication in listing or E-mail to indicate that he was
not using images of exactly the coins he was selling on auction.

Seller agrees to me returning the coin for refund and I requested Escrow on
return since the only item he has now on auction has title "BANKRUPTCY SALE"
or I requested him to refund $25 which I estimated as the difference in price 
between the grade he showed and the price I paid based on the above auctions.
He refused, withdrew his offer for a refund and left negative feedback.
I have done my civic duty and informed other ebay users of this transaction.

I have been a buyer on Ebay sine June'97 and this is the first transaction
on which I left negative feedback, and of the 75 so items I have won on
ebay the only other time I had a problem of false listings the Seller 
refunded my money. 

I have all E_mail correspondence and will send it on request.

Please investigate ASAP since the 30 days is nearly up on some of the auctions.

Please inform me of the outcome of your investigation and your action.

  Thanking you        

                  Dr Kavan Ratnatunga