Lanka : 980 - 1070

Gold Type II(2) Pala - Adahanda and Lotus

The anonymous Gold Pala ( 1/4 Kahavanu ) with Adahanda and Lotus. Codrington Type II(2).

DenominationOne Pala
Diameter13.3 mm
Thickness mm
Weight Std1.13 gms
Weight1.0 gms
pala_II.2_au_obverse pala_II.2_au_reverse
Codrington 57 ; Mitchiner #827
Obverse : Standing figure (? of Lakshmi) head to right less perfect. Crown varies considerably : (i) A curved line turning outwards at bottom and ending in a dot. In a Dhoti (garment) indicated by two curved lines on either side but no line between legs; left leg crossed behind right. Right arm pendent; left is bent, and holds two semicircles one within the other Adahanda (half moon) before the face. To left variety of II(a), resembling a barbed arrowhead ; to right fire-alter, A beaded circle along the periphery of the coin.
Reverse : Devanagari Legend Lakshmi under full-blown lotus to left. Arm of k to left. vowel mark not curved over to right of compound letter, but twisted upwards in a flourish. Two dots above and below first letter. All in beaded circle. Finely executed.

The Pala was scanned at 600dpi and displayed at 500dpi. The coin was obtained in 2000 September from O. M. R. Sirisena an expert collector in Colombo, Lanka.

Text edited from
Ceylon Coins and Currency By H. W. Codrington. Colombo 1924
Page 56 Chapter V Mediaeval Ceylon - Kahavanu.