Ancient India - Pandya,- Chola - Fish Type
Chola Suzerainty 920-1210

A irregualar copper coin from the later period of Pandya influence (824 - 943) in Lanka when they were being over-run by the Chola.

TypeStruck ?
Diameter18.1 mm
Thickness2.4 mm
Weight3.99 gms
pandya_chola_fish_cu_obverse pandya_chola_fish_cu_reverse
Biddulph #81,Mitchiner779 #
Obverse : Standard Chola massa standing King obverse with five filled dots.
Reverse : Seated Chola seated king on left, fish and Crozier (sceptre) to right rather than Deva-Nagari text of Ceylon massa Type.

Biddulph (#81) lists it as Maravaran Sundara Pandya I (?) AD (1216-1235) with Ceylon as locality

Mitchiner (#779) lists it as an Anonymous coin of Pandyas of Madura during the period of Chola Suzerainty: circa 920-1210.

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The coin was scanned at 600 dpi and displayed at 300 dpi. It was obtained in 2004 April from Satya Bhupatiraju who had purchased from Scott Semans.