Lanka : 11th Century
Gold Type III Aka - Jasmin Chank - Uraka

The anonymous gold Type III Aka ( 1/8 Kahavanu ) known as Jasmine flower and Chank to left with legend Uraka. Codrington Aka Type III(2)(i).

DenominationOne Aka
MetalGold 0.??
AlloyCu/Ag = 0.??
Diameter10.0 mm
Thickness mm
Weight Std.0.56 gms
Weight0.55 gms
a3_jas_chankleft_uraka_au_obverse a3_jas_chankleft_uraka_au_reverse
Codrington 67 ; Mitchiner #829
Obverse : Standing figure Kuvera head imperfect to right. Crown, two parallel lines with dot in rear. In a dhoti (garment) indicated by two curved lines on either side but no line between legs; Right arm pendent; left is bent, and holds Jasmine flower as on kahavanu IIIB. No symbol to left; to right fire-alter. A beaded circle along the periphery of the coin.
Reverse : In bead circle chank over Nagari Legend which reads Uraka.

The aka was scanned at 600dpi and displayed at 600dpi. The coin was purchased on ebay in 1998 December from a collector who had purchased on a ebay Auction by Anthony's of New Jersey, USA.
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