Lanka : 980 - 1070
Gold Type III(1)(i) Aka - Ball and Annulet

The anonymous gold Type III(1) Aka ( 1/8 Kahavanu ) known as Ball and Annulet legend Uraka. Found in Hambegamuwa Vihara building site, in Ruhuna, South East Lanka.

DenominationOne Aka
Diameter10.8 mm
Thickness1.2 mm
Weight Std.0.56 gms
Weight0.50 gms
a3_ball_annulet_au_obverse a3_ball_annulet_au_reverse
Codrington 66 ; Sirisena 74 ;
Obverse : Standing figure head imperfect to right. Crown, two parallel lines with dot in rear. In a dhoti (garment) indicated by two curved lines on either side and line between legs; Right arm pendent; left is bent, and holds ball as on kahavanu IIIA. No symbol to left; to right fire-alter. A beaded circle along the periphery of the coin.
Reverse : In bead circle annulet between two dots over Nagari Legend which reads Uraka. All in bead circle.

This coin with provenance of find had been broken and the two parts glued together somewhat crudely leaving a small gap. I decided to leave it the way I got it.

Text edited from
Ceylon Coins and Currency By H. W. Codrington. Colombo 1924
Page 62 Chapter V Medieval Ceylon - Kahavanu.

The aka was scanned at 600dpi and displayed at 500dpi. It was obtained in 2003 May from Mr A. Ratnayaka a collector in Katharagama, Lanka.