The following is an extract from the book
The History of the Ceylon Police,
by former Deputy Inspector General of Police A. C. Dep

Counterfeiting of 4 Fanam Coins - December 1833

A Gun Lascar named Sinnetamby and Juan Naide, a Silversmith, of the Gun Lascar Barracks had turned out several counterfeit 4 fanam coins. Once Sinnetamby settled a debt by giving 3 of these coins to Mohamed Lebbe Wapiche.

Soon after Wapiche went to the old Bankshall and purchased a measure of coffee by giving one of these coins. Andregey Lincho hamy at once detected the coin to be a false coin. When Wapiche tried to snatch the coin and get away, she held him by the cloth and called for assistance.

Police Peon Catchong who was on duty close by arrested Wapiche, took charge of the coin and produced them before Sergeant 5 Sabhan. Sabhan took them before the Head Constable C. N. Schubert and an inquiry was commenced at once. Schubert went to the Kayman's Gate Guard room where Sinnetamby was on duty recovered 3 more coins and Sabhan who along with Constable I.G. Kern searched Sinnetamby's house found 7 more 4 fanam coins. Besides there was a piece of Dalipothu (Cuttle fish shell). The Gun Lascar Sheik who searched Juan Naide's house found a basket containing items such as files, hammers, bellow, scales, lead and pieces of dalipothu. These items were not necessary for a soldier but for a counterfeitor of coins. Sinnetamby and Naide said that they were trying to make gold.

All facts were reported to Courts, the productions were labelled and carefully packed and handed over to Mr. Kessels, the Constable of the Courts. The accused were to be charged for uttering and possessing false coins and for turning out false coins.

Edited from the online Edition of the Sri Lanka Sunday Times 1997 December 7th