The Dick Ford collection
Taisei-Baldwin-Gillio Auction Catalogue #19.
1995 February 23. Singapore Auction

Lot #307 to #318 within Medals relating to Ceylon.

*307 Ceylon Rubber Exhibition, 1906, 39.2 mm,
        0bv. native tapping rubber tree,
        Rev. PRIZE FOR - AWARDED TO - within legend,
        edge plain
     All Ceylon Exhibition 1912, silver, 40.3 mm, of local work,
        0bv. female seated on heads of elephants, ALL CEYLON EXHIBITION 1912 above,
        Rev. temple on the shore, AWARDED TO (engraved) below,
        edge plain,
*308 All Ceylon Industries Exhibition, 1922, silver, 37 mm, of local work,
        0bv. squatting figure of eight-armed diety,
        Rev. AWARDED TO --- within legend,
        edge plain,
     All Ceylon Exhibition & Carnival, 1937, bronze gilt, 38.5 mm,
        0bv. half length female figure left holding lotus,
        Rev. AWARDED TO (engraved)  within legend,
        edge plain.
*310 Colombo Horse Show 1889, silver gilt, 52.7 mm,
        Obv. elephant standing left in front of temple within circle of stars and pellets,
        Rev. horse standing left within legend,
        edge plain. High rims,
*311 Colombo  Agri-Horticultural Society 31 mm, silver and white metal,
        Obv. inscription within wreath
        Rev. pastoral scene
        edge plain,
     A Baur & Co Ltd., silver plated, 34 mm,
        0bv. three flowers within legend,
        Rev. palm tree, A - B at sides and C below,
        edge plain, mount removed,
*312 Chilaw Puttalam Circuit, Educational Exhibition, 1938, silver, 30.7 mm,
        Obv. torch
        Rev. three line inscription within legend,
        edge plain,
     Dumbara Agricultural, Industrial, Health and Educational Show 1938,
        Obv. pastoral scene
        Rev. eight line inscription (date engraved),
        edge plain,
*313 Galle Agri-Horticultural Exhibition, undated, silver, 37.7 mm,
        0bv. arms of Galle,
        Rev. two arabesques within legend,
        edge plain,
     Agricultural Exhibition, Wellaboda Pattu, 1906, silver, 25 mm,
        0bv. agricultural scene,
        Rev. four line inscription within legend,
        edge plain,
*314 Gampola Agri-Horticultural Show, 1920, silver, 33 mm,
        0bv. elephant standing in river, bridge beyond,
        Rev. temple on the shore, AWARDED TO ---- below
        edge plain, hallmarked 1920.
*315 Jaffna, St. John's College, bronze, 32.3 mm, with loop for suspension,
        0bv. male bust facing,
        Rev. plain within wreath,
        edge plain,
     Peradeniya, School of Tropical Agriculture, bronze, 46.4 mm,
        0bv. male figure with trumpet within legend,
        Rev. crown above AWARDED BY --- FOR --- within wreath,
        edge plain,
     Baptist Missionary Society Ceylon Centenary, 1812-1912, silver, 24 mm, with loop
        Obv. bust of William Carey half right,
        Rev. four line legend,
        edge plain,
     Suhadarama Rajamaha Vihara (in Sinhala) an engraved silver medal, 30.5 mm, with ring mount,
        0bv. building,
        Rev. B.S.G.S within wreath,
*316 Kandy medals , all 34.8 mm, 1885, bronze and 1887, silver and bronze (same dies)
        Obv. KANDY and date in English
        Rev. MahaNuvara and Date in Sinhala
*317 Kandy Agricultural Show, 1926, silver, 37.3 mm,
        Obv. lion left holding sword upright,
        Rev. AWARDED TO -- within legend;
     A Japanese TV station memento, brass, 31 mm,
        Obv. Industrial Motif engraved MNSAMARBUAUNGE KANDY;
        Rev. Floral Motif
     Kandy Rotary Club, lapel badge  bronze gilt, 20.8 mm,
        Obv. 56th District Conference, 1952.
        Rev. (stud missing),
*318 Kurunegala Agri-Horticultural Society, 39 mm, by Vaugton & Sons, silver, and bronze,
        Obv. agricultural scene,
        Rev. plain within wreath;
        edge hallmarked 1905-6
     Matale, Agri-Horticultural show, 1888, silver, 28.8 mm,
        Obv. woman picking coffee,
        Rev. man ploughing left within wreath and legend.
        edge traces of Indian rupee undertype,