Prabakaran's House
Jaffna, 2003 May

Photo- Essay

The upper middle-class house in which Prabakaran grew up in Velvettiturai had not yet been restored.

I read recently that Prabakaran's parents were returning from India. Maybe they will restore their house and move in.

A painted plaque on the wall next to the gate announced its identity in English. HONOURED VELUPPILAI PRABAKARAN'S HOUSE PRESIDENT OF TAMIL EELAM

A small tiger flag with no emblem flew in front of the entrance that was open to walk in.

The roof had caved in, probably caused by the few shells that cut through some of the walls.

There was graffiti on all the walls in many languages and political views.

Above some doors were nice Hindu images. One had Krishna with two bulls on either side and one was of Lakshmi having her ritual bath with two elephants pouring water on her head caught my numismatic eye.
It is an image found frequently on ancient Lankan coins.

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