1990 - Jaffna Replica?
LTTE Gold Token

Alloy Gold Au.833
Type Struck
Diameter 22.7 mm
Thickness 1.5 mm
Weight 7.98 gms
Shape Round
Edge Milled
Die Axis
Issue #
Mint Jaffna
1990_ltte_au_obverse 1990_ltte_au_reverse Original found in Jaffna in 2003
1990_ltte_au_obverse 1990_ltte_au_reverse Recent Sold in Colombo in 2014

The specimen below which was traded in Colombo 2014 December, is clearly from a different die with a much cruder representation of the LTTE logo. The Thamil text is more clear. By comparison with original, I suspect it is a post war replica made for Sale as I have never seen the LTTE logo so poorly drawn by LTTE. I got much lower resolution out of focus images of a coin with same errors in 2013 October.