1647 - 1674 - Dutch India

Paliakate - VOC Ten Cash

VOC Ten Cash (Stiver) copper coin issued by the Dutch Mint in Paliakate sometime after 1647 for circulation in Lanka until they were demonetized in 1674.

DenominationTen Cash
Alloy Copper
Type Stuck
Diameter 21. mm
Thickness __._ mm
Weight Legal16.5 gms
Weight 16.39 gms
Shape Round
Edge Plain
Die Axis ___°
Mint Paliakate
Paliakate_X_kas_cud_obverse Paliakate_X_kas_cud_reverse
Scholten 1217 ; Dutch India KM # 43
Obverse : Value in Roman numerals X with the lower part between the arms of the V, of the VOC monogram in plain and beaded outer circles.

Reverse : Arabic inscription in the name of Sultan Abdulla in 3 lines within in beaded circle.

Paliakate_legend Benam



The people in Lanka were forbidden by a Placard of 1674 Feb 14th to accept whole and half-stuivers having on ones side "Moors" letters and on the other the Company's VOC monogram surmounted by X and V. This coin is listed as Rare (R) in Scholten.

Text edited from
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I thank Jan Lingen who kindly sent me the 300 dpi scans of this rare VF coin from his collection. and are displayed at 250 dpi