1521 - 1557 - Portuguese Ceilão

Copper - Eighth Bazaruco - Cross

The copper Eighth Bazaruco with a Cross visible on both sides struck probably in Colombo, fort São Lourenço for circulation in Ceilão, and attributed to the reign of D. João III, (1521-1557).

Denomination1/8 Bazaruco
Diameter6/7 mm
Thickness_._ mm
Weight mean0.375 gms
Weight0.32 gms
J3_01.01-03_obverse J3_01.01-03_reverse
Codrington Unlisted ; Gomes J3:01.01/03 ; KM unlisted
Obverse : Cross of Christ in line circle
Reverse : maybe Cross_L monogram(?) perhaps signifying fort São Lourenço, in line circle.

Gomes provides a weight range of 0.25-0.50 gm for the 1/8 Bazaruco. The weight of the Bazaruco differed considerable, depending on material, location of the factory and period.
The design is like 1/4 Bazaruco in Mitchiner #2155.
However the Monogram on reverse appears to me to have a curved loop unlike the Cross_L.

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I thank Jan Lingen who kindly sent me the 300 dpi scans of these rare coin from his collection and are displayed at xxx dpi.