1598 - 1621 - Portuguese Ceilão

Silver - Tanga

The silver Tanga with Coat of arms of Portugal and Tanga Asia TA monogram struck in Colombo, fort São Lourenço for circulation in Ceilão, undated with no mint initials, during the reign of D. Filippe II (1598-1621).

Diameter15. mm
Thickness_._ mm
Weight mean2.75 gms
Weight2.74 gms
F2_21.02_obverse F2_21.02_reverse
Codrington PL 111 ; Gomes F2:21.02 ; KM #7
Obverse : Crowned Coat of arms of Portugal within line-dotted-line circles
Reverse : TA (Tanga Asia) monogram within line-dotted-line circles.

Codrington (VIII-22:a,p.100) lists it among undated silver coins of the Malacca type with crowned Coat of arms and the TA monogram.
Gomes gives for this issue a weight range of 2.7-2.8 grams. For the undated Ceylon Tangas Codrington (VIII-23:p.102) gives a range of weight from 2.08 to 2.60 grams with a mean of 2.29 grams stating that the standard was probably as high as 2.60 grams.

This small issue of undated Tangas bearing TA monogram and were succeeded by undated gridiron Tangas followed by dated issues commencing 1631.

In Grogan section on Ceylon the Tanga is illustrated coin (1316) -- 16 mm and 2.80 grams(?), and attributed to D. Filippe II (1598-1621) with No Date (1600-1612). Listed as extremely rare.

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I thank Jan Lingen who kindly sent me the 300 dpi scans of these rare coin from his collection and are displayed at xxx dpi.